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Beyond the Star

Beyond the Star

By: AshesStudio余烬组

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Listen, we don’t know where you will see this news

After the critical disaster, your consciousness has been sinking

We speculate that maybe you have gone to another world on the other side

But we need you

Can you come back again to help us?

Star messenger!

-Critical link transmission starts-

Welcome to Chungju/CANAAN

"This nascent world will eventually reach its end, but is this the end you expected?"

The critical end disaster, this unknown natural disaster has changed everything, and indeed the wishes of countless people have been realized in an instant.

The broken continent was finally integrated into one piece, the last paradise of mankind, and the home of the end-Zhongzhou/CANAAN

Transcenders on the other side, sharp soldiers of the boundary, mechanical girls, humans who awakened the blood of their ancestors, and even the black behemoths and gods in mythology are all walking on this new continent.

Here, everything can happen, but the ever-expanding desire of mankind will once again destroy this continent

Star messenger, you used to be one of us

You have a special power

That is called the "compass", the power that can save everything

That power will lead you to repeat it again and again, even death will not end your journey

Each time means a new beginning, until you finally reach the end you expect

Maybe you will experience repeated failures and pains, sadness and parting

Maybe you will never know what you will encounter on the next trip

But please go ahead and walk through such a world where technology and magic are blended, cyber and religion are parallel.

Someone will remember

This crosses countless timelines, death and repetition time and time again

Bring the most perfect ending to everyone

We will never compromise with destiny

Respect, star messenger, lonely contender

You are not alone.

"Beyond the Star" is a roguelike 2d vertical arpg game, the game uses a combination of story plot and roguelike gameplay. The game contains dozens of different styles of characters and powerful relics, players can combine their own unique lineup!

[Game Features]

Map levels with high randomness:

The level part adopts the form of Roguelike, and each time you enter a new space, it will be randomly between different levels. Players will explore freely in the open map, encounter unique enemies, rich random events, and adopt different fighting styles and strategies. Each play is a completely different experience.

Multi-branch plot choice:

In the new world after the opening of the Stargate, players will encounter countless choices, wrestling in the cracks of the major forces, changing the direction of the plot again and again, and finding a way to change their destiny;

Each chapter level contains a huge plot story line, and you can reach a different chapter ending by choosing different levels and plot branches.

Whether it's a story party or an explosive party, you can find your own fun in the game!

Beyond the Star
Hossam Galal

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