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"Abyss" is a 2D vertical map shield anti-dodge game.

Our core gameplay is that players play to explore their inner energy ball, control the energy ball to avoid, and be careful of the octopus behind the back at any time. Enter the bullet time, absorb the enemy's bullets, counterattack and kill the enemy with the shield, and finally rush out of the barrier to win!

This innovative mechanism brings a very good gaming experience! Our feature is that one mechanism is multi-purpose, using one shield to achieve bullet time, deceleration, protection, and shooting, which brings players an excellent sense of refreshment.

Operation method:

The left remote sensing controls the left and right movement of the ball, the right joystick controls the rotation direction of the open shield and the shield, click the skill button to use the collision skill

AD controls left and right movement, the left mouse button opens the shield, rotates the mouse to control the direction of opening the shield, and the right mouse button uses the collision skill

Hossam Galal

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