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Primordial Demon Emperor Art

Primordial Demon Emperor Art

By: 森林屿海

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[Ancient Secrets]

"Prince Ancient Demon King Art" is a fresh national style action RPG mobile game created by the original team of Shanhai. In addition to inheriting the essence of the original version of the mountain and sea, it also spreads the secrets of various places between the mountains and seas, whether they are familiar in ancient legends. Mythological characters such as Huangdi, Chiyou, and Nine Heavens Profound Girl, as well as the slightly heard mythological beasts such as Gourmet, Luohu, Shebishi, etc., will appear in the game in various forms. They may be hidden in the mountains and seas or spread in the market. In the meantime, tell the secrets of this mountain and sea in their own unique way.

【A strange encounter with a strange beast】

The temporal and spatial background of the game unfolds upright dynasties. Many miracles and celestial trails related to ancient legends appear frequently. Hidden clans and reincarnated gods have also been born and joined the ranks of cultivation. In the game, players will freely create their roles, and together with ancient legends such as the son of Nuwa, Shaodian, the ancestor of thunder, Wu Qiangliang, and other ancient legends, they will experience the changes in the world and embark on an adventure in the ancient times.

[Artifact born]

Every player who enters the mobile game world of "Prime Demon King Art" will be given a special mission by the destiny, and many factors such as divine power, talent, life experience and so on will invisibly influence each person's different destiny. The ancient artifacts are scattered everywhere, and it is not easy to gather them together. There is only a glimmer of hope in searching for mountains and seas to travel all over the wilderness. In the end, who can comprehend the secrets of ancient books, who can gather clues to artifacts, and who can stick to their original intentions and achieve their wishes under the influence of all parties are all waiting for players to explore themselves.

【Jin Lan Lie】

The unique affection gameplay allows every player to find someone who is destined in the world of mountains and seas, form a Taoist couple to explore the world and fight together against rare and exotic animals. The system of worship, let the brotherhood be imprinted under Taoyuan, and be transformed into spirits, and experience the unique friendship of Swire!

Primordial Demon Emperor Art
Hossam Galal

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