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Eternal Nectar: Ignorance

Eternal Nectar: Ignorance

By: EveOwl

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In this world called Suohe, there are all kinds of sentient beings.

Human beings, belita, diliche, asura... all living beings fight, oppress, and plunder each other, and have gone through a long war.

But the advancement of history finally brought them together, and all beings let go of racial barriers and began to jointly build different countries in the world and bred great civilizations together.

Thousands of years have passed, Suohha has become a paradise created by advanced civilization, and sentient beings are still pursuing higher happiness. They want to conquer everything, surpass the shackles that this world brings to the soul, and surpass the shackles of death on life .

So Su Milu appeared. This international organization that gathered the top talents from all countries created the Italian root network [MANAS WEB]. By implanting a nanomachine called Possimo, the brain became a biological control center. A terminal that sends a signal to a server allows the consciousness of all living beings to swim in a huge server named [Alaya].

We have created our own soul with technology, and gave the soul a whole new world.

Since then, all beings have embarked on the path of searching for freedom and eternal life.

In order to allow themselves to go further on this road, the members of Su Milu chose to replace the original body with a semi-mechanical body [DEVA] that slows down aging, and dedicated their existence to the eternal law.

Soon, our worldly name was promoted from a great man to a god.

At that time, we all thought that our brilliance would be as long as life, and we would continue to surpass on the road of exploration and creation, so that all life would stay away from extinction and thus become eternal existence.

However, the self-proclaimed wise man now realizes that nothing in the world is eternal.

Even the concept of eternity, which is referred to by literal symbols, itself.

The collapse of Sumirlu caused the world to lose order. In order to compete for control of Alaya, the four continents reignited the fire of war.

As pioneers, seekers, and gods, we have become tools, exiles, and prisoners.

Looking back on these hundred years now, every moment is so impermanent.

Trailer video BGM:


Fictional Land (Hiroichi Akiyama)

Ancient Technology (Hiroichi Akiyama)

Confirmation (Hiroichi Akiyama)

Sound effects:

Atmosphere of synthesizer sounds - License: CC-BY Author: SeanSecret

Character dialogue sound effects-License: CC-0 (from


Eternal Nectar: Ignorance
Hossam Galal

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