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Golden Phoenix (beta)

Golden Phoenix (beta)

By: QZQ Studio

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Golden Phoenix, the founder of Golden Phoenix Trading Company, turned into a backstage in 1985, and the legal person of the company was changed to Zeng Xueren. Master a large group of companies in the nature of the underworld. Occupied in Foshan, Guangdong. No one has seen her (him). But people of both good and evil are like thunder.

Liu Qingchun disappeared during the collapse of the beacon tower. The city bureau has opened a case for investigation, and Wang Yong was asked by the director to take a long vacation at home.

Two weeks later, Wang Yong came secretly to Guangdong.

In Nanhai, Foshan, a homicide occurred in a shop selling wantan noodles in a street of food stalls.

The informant said that he seemed to have seen Team Liu at the scene of the murder.

Golden Phoenix (beta)
Hossam Galal

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