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Play with me Lianmeng: GoetiaX

Play with me Lianmeng: GoetiaX

By: 喜+1研究院

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Excessive lack of resources has led to the creation of God to destroy the world. Through the dimensional tunnel, the player will be reincarnated into a key role against the creation of God, the magister. With strong magic power, you will come to create the world by contracting various powerful demons. God confronted and regained the world from their hands. Although I don’t know whether this is saving the world, we are not willing to be destroyed. We must resist! Ollie give it!

The story of resistance unfolded. Although God decided to destroy and end this world, a group of angels decided to raise the flag against the creation god and become "falling angels"; plus the envoy demon god and our human "magister" together God set off a war, which is called the "Heaven War" in later generations. Five hundred years after the war, the war is still going on, and the endless battle between the Magister and the Fallen Angel is still continuing today.

In addition to playing the role of a magister, the players will fight against the attack of the god servant "Tianma" from the sky with all kinds of devil characters. As the game story progresses, players will have four different routes to choose from; At the same time, in addition to the main story line, the game will also join the battle of forces between magisters, "magic warfare", or cooperate with other magisters to challenge powerful opponents in multiplayer battles. Players can also use it The market system in the game is used to trade and purchase equipment and props with other magisters, adding more player community interaction.

If you want to be a qualified magister, you must successfully collect many beautiful demon wives to be qualified. Of course, we have also prepared all kinds of licking screens and paintings for tap friends, hehe

Game Features-[Battle]:

A strategic magic round role-playing game, through the use of the skills of summoning girls in the battle, allows players to show diversified strategies and grow together with the characters in the battle, and feel the story of super substitution.

Game Features-[Development]:

In the game, the player’s personal room system will be equipped, so that players can customize their room and enjoy the unknown side of the dimensional girls who usually live in the magic book; the game will also It will be equipped with a wealth of dimensional girl development elements, so that players can develop girls as they like, nurture their strongest girl partners to fight side by side; or through the side story of the era of demon gods falling angels.


emmmmmmmmm (the first day of cuckoo)

At present, the game is still in the domestic tuning stage. It will be tested on TapTap from time to time. You must come on the day when the test is open. Don’t be like me. I hope "Play with me: GoetiaX" can become a "hi +1 The common bridge between the "Institute" and the "player", grow together

———————— Well, there is no topic: the dividing line without emotion————————

More game information is exposed, you need to make an appointment to pay attention to us, update the two-dimensional meal information, animation, and vertical drawing every day~~~

Play with me Lianmeng: GoetiaX
Hossam Galal

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