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Brave plan

Brave plan

By: Larj Game Studio

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-A fantasy game with classic Roguelike elements!

-A strategy game that can be played anytime, anywhere, or closed anytime, anywhere!

-A casual game where you can come to fight monsters and brush equipment while you are resting!

-A joyful game full of slots, which can be frantically complained!

- Synopsis-

A thousand years ago, the sleeping demon suddenly woke up.

The monsters raged, and the world suddenly fell into endless darkness and killing.

Seven cursed heroes appeared. Together, they defeated the devil, and Arnaudia temporarily restored peace. However, the "evil miasma" left by the devil still permeates the mainland, and the monsters affected by the miasma will become extremely violent, harming the humans who come and go. The old city of Karede was right in the center of the area and was soon occupied by monsters. A large number of townspeople lost their homes and wandered around.

One of the Seven Warriors "Gluttony"-Maud Oglenn, a heroic warrior, established a new city "Iron City-Adelito" in the south, and the famous mercenary union "Aylan" Si" also moved to the city, guarding the city with Maude.

A hundred years later, the once peaceful city of Kared has now become the most dangerous city of all demons on the continent of Arnaudia.

The great fortune-teller Sybil predicted that a new demon god will be born in the magic city in three years, so the old city of Kared must be retaken before that. Therefore, the current king Timon Oglenn and the president of "Aylans" Parcy formed the "Knights Mercenary Group" and launched a hero recruitment plan. The brave who completed the trial route will be heavily hired to join the commission The Corps has become an important force (fog) in the devil city crusade plan a year later.

Brave plan
Hossam Galal

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