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Ancient Treasure

Ancient Treasure

By: Indrasoft

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Ancient Treasure is a fantasy Roguelike ARPG game that focuses on exclusive innovation and experience differentiation, with an artwork that uses a low-polygon style that is popular in Europe and the United States, giving you a simple but interesting experience.


An ancient kingdom once existed on the Old Continent, and because of the king's greed to pursue eternal life, the entire country was destroyed due to the contamination of dark magic, and the migrating ancient folk established a new nation on the New Continent. Hundreds of years later, the Ancient Kingdom's legacy of the Last Shadow Crystal was rediscovered, and the dark energy contained within began to mutate the creatures of the continent, scourging the four corners of the earth.

In order to research the secrets of the Crystal and solve the problem of monsters wreaking havoc, the Kingdom set up the Adventurers Guild on the floating island of Cairngorm, which carries adventurers to the Old Kingdom in search of the Crystal.

Estelle, an elf searching for clues to dark magic, Nive, a human maiden seeking to break the secrets of the Old Kingdom, and Kazmer, an orc seeking lost treasure, are three exceptional warriors who have joined this adventure. They will delve into the ancient kingdom polluted by dark magic, explore strange regions, and face different monsters, each adventure is a new challenge; along the way, they can mix and match thousands of legendary equipment, combine combat skills at will, and cultivate unique fighting schools. As the adventurers grow stronger in battle, the hidden truths of the ancient kingdom are waiting to be revealed....


- skill system

The game adopts a set-swap random skill system, in battle players can activate multiple sub-skills to assemble the ultimate arcane skills of their own construction, hundreds of characteristics of skills, thousands of combinations, every battle is a new journey.

- Equipment Collection

Super rich and diverse equipment system, the game has multiple types of multi-racial various artifacts, as well as the need for players to explore the divine hidden word; wear no restrictions on weapon types, no restrictions on equipment types, players can be super free with equipment combination strategy.

- Random Levels

Innovative Roguelike with random levels, random scenes, random routes, and random monsters, each battle is never the same.

- Open exploration

The air dynamic main city, the main city to different locations, the player's daily battle environment is changing; different battle areas, hidden bosses, hidden treasures, hidden skills are different, giving players a high depth of exploration.

Ancient Treasure
Hossam Galal

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