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Fried chicken party!

Fried chicken party!

By: Jericho Games!

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"Fried Chicken Party" is a multiplayer battle game based entirely on physics, a new generation of friends to do the best. Players need to flexibly use the weird and funny props in the scene to tease your friends and blow them all out! In the ever-changing scene, defeat all opponents and become the supreme king of chickens!

-Local/online multiplayer party orgy

You can have a chicken king battle at home with your friends, or you can challenge chickens from all over the world online. Enjoy the embarrassment of your friends, and come to a carnival full of screams and hilarious laughter.

-Real physics, joy beyond imagination

Make good use of the props in the scene, let your friends twist into twists under the real laws of physics, or fly out of the field in circles. Who is not a little clever ghost?

-Destroy, destroy!

The bomb can not only send your opponent back to his hometown, but it can also destroy everything along the way. When your opponent is wretched on the tower, blow up the entire tower!

-Creative workshop, waiting for you to come to ZAO!

If you are not satisfied with the excitement of the existing map, why not take control of your level world? Use dozens of different scene elements and props to give full play to your whimsical ideas and enjoy the happiness of the creator!

Fried chicken party!
Hossam Galal

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