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God is Hunting Ground

God is Hunting Ground

By: 泰尼游戏

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The new version will be tested on December 24th, with new gameplay, new characters, re-made maps, re-made sound effects, and many new content. Looking forward to your experience~

"God's Hunting Ground" is a 1V5 asymmetrical competitive mobile game. The game is based on a mythical story. 5 players from the human camp and 1 player from the Celestial camp will perform a wonderful confrontation between gods and gods. Players can choose the gods with a full view of the map to call the wind and rain in the "God's Hunting Ground" to tease all living beings; they can also choose multi-class human heroes to collect artifacts and equipment in a limited time to fight against the gods. Both sides use their respective special skills and attribute advantages to launch a series of tactical offensive and defensive attacks against the Temple Crystal until one side wins.

God is Hunting Ground
Hossam Galal

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