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Many brave men

Many brave men

By: 很多工作室

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A few "primary school students" in the game circle, with the little feelings of the "old guns", with the efforts of the partners of "Lao Duo" and "Many", came out such a pixel-style game with not many operations- -"Many Braves".

As a "weak chicken"...

Oh, I was wrong and I was wrong (wiping sweat).

As a great mercenary captain, you can hire a lot of brave and neutral creatures to form as many battle formations as you like, and then go out!

If you have nothing to do, go to the tavern shop, all kinds of brave bones are waiting for you to choose.

When you are no longer satisfied with their "inaction", then give them a job, maybe he is a good "nanny" among the fighters.

Give full play to your creation, build and upgrade various weapons and armors of Niu X, and take them to adventure and adventure.

By the way... uh...

For glory and wealth, challenge the rare and wonderful BOSS!

The current version of "Many Braves" embodies only what we think is the best nowadays, and best reflects the idea that our development team wants to express to players that it is easy and simple to have fun in the game. There are a lot of gameplays and systems that I want to add to the game. After the "old many" and "many" partners solve internally (generally divided into "heads-up" and "group fight"), they will be added to the game one after another. ,

Game features:

-Hire all kinds of brave men with different growth attributes and talents, and up to 8 teams can play at the same time

-Multiple job transfer routes can be selected at will, and the brave skills can be freely matched

-Forge thousands of special weapons and armors, with real random attribute quality

Game features:

The operation design of "Many Braves" is as simple as possible: form a formation, then set out; buy heroes, white outfits, transfer tickets, and skill tickets in the store; the copy hangs up without manual operation. When you play the 3A masterpiece on the single machine, you can tap it easily. When you are squeezed on the door on the bus or subway, you can swipe it with your only movable fingers. When the instant noodles are dull, you can easily brush the experience materials.

Many brave men
Hossam Galal

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