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Code BCP

Code BCP

By: 青果灵动

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The dream world is a land of legends composed of subconscious minds. A group of mysterious people with extraordinary talents come here to become dream hunters, hunting down the nightmare that troubles reality, saving lost and desperate souls, and protecting the clarity of the psychological world.

Until the great annihilation event, many nightmare routs and fled, the hunters lost their common hunting goal, everything seemed to be meaningless, and lived in vain.

Soon, a little-known businessman built a high tower above the Eye of Annihilation in the center of the world, called the Dream Arena. Everyone is welcome to participate in this indiscriminate battle match. Each floor is a fighting arena. , Only the victor can advance to a higher level, get more money, power, reputation... and become the owner of a new level. No one knows how many floors the tower has, but everyone knows one thing. The strong one who finally reaches the top will be the master of the tower.

The hunters who lost their goals, geared up to challenge the sky arena, hoping to become the new master of dreams...

Code BCP
Hossam Galal

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