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Place the knight on hook (beta)

Place the knight on hook (beta)

By: 欧珀互动

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"Idle the Knight and Hang the Phone" at first glance is very rough, but the characters are quite cute. Our protagonist carries a big bag not only with the knight’s weapons, but also with all the tatters picked up along the way, and the one in the game The knight with a look of irritation went into battle lightly. We even had to feed him the potion personally. Sometimes we thought it was better to hammer the knight to death. Anyway, we were little brothers and fled immediately after seeing that the situation was not right. Nothing. Psychological burden.

The shapes of the brave and the enemy in the game are also quite changeable. Needless to say, the mysterious height difference between the two is needless to say. When the masked mage was beaten, the white thighs and the male shorts can't help but make people want to laugh.

Who can't fight monsters with good equipment? Unscrupulous knight abducts elves

In the game, in addition to improving the basic attributes of the knight, players can also raise pets to help you pick up the tatters, and spend money to buy accessories and props for the knight to increase its power. But look at our knights even the persecuted elves. Enslaving the elves to collect gold coins for us again is maddening. No matter how you say it, you still need to try it yourself. The game is expected to land on TapTap in May-June. Please wait and see.

Place the knight on hook (beta)
Hossam Galal

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