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Endless Blade

Endless Blade

By: 银月网络

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"Endless Blade" is a dungeon adventure mobile game independently developed by Yinyue Network. Players will play as a brave guardian (the liver emperor) in the game, adventuring in this medieval continent full of swords and magic.

-------------story background--------------

The human race ruled the mainland for thousands of years. Until a hundred years ago, human beings were about to wipe out the demons. Natural disasters occurred when the demons were completely destroyed. The intelligent creatures in the mainland were basically wiped out. The human races only survived accidentally in a part of the origin of the human race. In recent years, the surviving humans Decided to get out of the place of origin and take a look at the outside world...

—————————————Game Features——————————————

[Retro hand-rubbing skills]

On-hook aesthetic fatigue? The battle is the same? Do you miss the hand-rubbing skill battle? Do you want a fighting strategy of fighting wits and courage? You can find it in "Endless Blade". A variety of skill combinations, classic combo system, as long as you play a round, you will love it!

[Real-time combat can be offensive and defensive]

The battle is not static, and there are variables in every battle. A brash man who can only attack is deflated~ the shield in the left hand and the sword in the right hand are the real brush braves who can advance and retreat.

[Massive equipment affixes]

In "Endless Blade", the equipment attributes are no longer the same. One piece of equipment has hundreds of attributes. Let's pursue the ultimate equipment attributes together!

[Favorite of the strongest in endless tower]

The hundred-story tower challenges the limit. Only the top "brush" can climb to the top to challenge the BOSS and get his treasure!

[Favorites of cute pet collection and control]

Do you like collecting? Want to become stronger? "Endless Blade" provides a large number of cute pets and artifacts for everyone to collect, which not only satisfies the desire to collect, but also makes the character stronger while collecting!

[Various ways to play a copy of Qiyu Dig Treasure]

Rich and diverse gameplay, you can try your luck to dig a treasure when you are tired, and maybe you can still encounter adventures. When you encounter it, you earn it~

The current version is tested without deleting files, only for Android

First test activity

Open service for seven days music: Every day there are generous rewards, both online;

Combat power competition: Three days after the server is opened, super rewards will be broadcast according to the combat power ranking;

Leveling competition: Three days after the service is opened, super rewards will be given according to the ranking;

Tower Climbing Sprint: Three days after the server is opened, the super reward will be given according to the ranking of the layer;

The Way of Kings: Within 15 days after the server is opened, as long as the big rank of the arena is improved, you can receive generous rewards;

Finding bugs and suggesting benefits: Players have found bugs and have suggestions for the game. You can tell us through the official QQ group. We have prepared benefits and are waiting for you~

Endless Blade
Hossam Galal

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