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Talking Tom Speed

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"Talking Tom Cat Speed" is the first racing mobile game created by the "Talking Tom Cat Family" IP. The game takes the 5 classic characters of the Tom cat family as the protagonists. You will have a racing adventure with the Tom cat family, experience different styles and themes of the track, and drive various types of racing cars! Various types of competitions such as racing, props, and plot modes make the game experience fun! Come and experience the speed and passion of racing and drift together!

Game features:

1. The easiest racing game

Drifting is cool, always drifting, always cool! With the meticulously polished operating feel, you can quickly get started with the game with zero basics. One-button drift, one-button acceleration, easy to operate, drifting, cornering, and acceleration, all in one go!

2. Themed track, with ever-changing styles

Thrilling rainforest leap, fun and leisure seaside music city, dreamy and sweet dessert paradise! A variety of different styles and ingenious track designs, not only can take you to appreciate the colorful Tom Cat world, the various "shortcuts" and "Easter eggs" in the track also enrich your game experience, easy to get started without losing the operation Precision, rich track design and gameplay will bring you a different and refreshing racing experience!

3. Build your own car

"Talking Tom Speed" has a lot of super cool racing cars, different styles of racing appearances, different types of attribute bonuses, and you can choose a personalized racing car. There must be the one that belongs to you! And the car modification system in the game also supports the personality of the car, come and create your unique car!

Talking Tom Speed
Hossam Galal

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