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Pinball Showdown

Pinball Showdown

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"Pinball Showdown" is a casual mobile game that combines skill cards and blocks to eliminate competitive games. It integrates the strategy of pinball games and the operability of competitive games.

Classic and creative pinball gameplay, as many as 4000 skill card matching, gorgeous and cool special effects, global service, challenge global players with one's own strength, and a sense of accomplishment after fighting against foreign players. Can't stop it! It is worth inviting friends to return to the easiest fun of playing Tetris as a child!

[Game Features]

★Easy to learn, difficult to master

Classic pinball gameplay, use your finger to drag the pinball direction to complete the attack, simple operation, not simple fun. It is easy to destroy the bricks, but it is a battle of experience and operation to destroy all the bricks!

★Mental duel skills are king

The bricks in each battle change in real time. How to destroy 10 bricks in one attack? How to bounce the wall to cause maximum damage? How to accurately shoot the special effect bricks? Here is not only a test of operation, but also a test of IQ!

★Global players share PK

The game satisfies global players to serve together, 1V1, 2V2, 1v3 melee...Various types of challenges, intuitive and real-time PK live, invite friends together, chat and laugh with one person's intelligence, defend the glory of the country!

★Card collection strategy collocation

With more than 4,000 matching strategies, 20 different special effect bricks, and countless kinds of attack operations, everyone's team choice is unique! Amazing! Perfect! Unbelievable! Excellent...

Pinball Showdown
Hossam Galal

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