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E-sports big players

E-sports big players

By: 电竞之路团队

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[Game Introduction]

"LOL Big Player" is a popular mobile game that simulates business. In the game, you can simulate the boss of an e-sports club company, sign a star e-sports player, form your own e-sports team, and take care of the company’s various items. Affairs, including media, live broadcasting, negotiations, meetings, business cooperation, acquisition of companies, stocks, etc. In the game, you can experience the novel e-sports game mode, which can realistically restore the whole process of a real e-sports game. You can also better obtain the game by training players, hiring e-sports coaches, and setting game tactics. Victory, won the world championship of e-sports competition. There are many professional e-sports players in the game to collect, and there are beautiful female anchors and popular young ladies waiting for you!

【Introduction to World View】

The Chinese e-sports team has been suppressed by South Korea for many consecutive years. Whether the Chinese e-sports is sinking or working hard, you will have the opportunity to create your own e-sports legend and change history. The future of Chinese e-sports is dominated by you!

——————The e-sports dream has never been extinguished, it will only become stronger and stronger;

By setting up your own e-sports club, you have formed a strong team, and you have embarked on the road to revitalize China's e-sports, but the goal is still far away!

The company continues to develop and let more media and players know about your company's existence. The industry is very optimistic about the future of your team, but the road is step by step. This road is full of ruggedness. Will you back down?

The team is constantly undergoing substitutions and reorganizations, and the relationship between his girlfriend and himself has twists and turns. Is it a coincidence or someone deliberately did it? Who is blocking your progress?

Faced with many difficulties, what choice will you make?

All the chapters are written by you in the game!

[Game Features]

[Refreshing picture style]

A large number of well-known e-sports players, popular female anchors freely sign contracts, unique comic-style character presentation, and a caring girlfriend to help you take care of company affairs;

[Characteristic combat style]

Realistic simulation of the process of a real e-sports game, which contains a wealth of strategic collocation; how will the coach guide the players? What tactics should I choose to deal with a strong enemy? You are in control of the ever-changing situation

[Casual simulation business gameplay]

Operating a company will have a large number of issues that need to be made on its own. How should one choose? Sometimes you will encounter difficult negotiating opponents. Don't be merciful at the negotiating table, just interrupt their speeches! The media is always paying attention to the development of their own company, and the E-Sports Association is always sending financial support. Are there other reasons behind this? The sponsors smelled the breath of interest, and they came to ask for signings, and mass production can start. Fans of the team players sent orders and even came to the company to visit the company. They continued to support the company's step-by-step development; there were also company listings and stock acquisitions. A series of interesting simulated business gameplay such as love system, travel gameplay and so on are waiting for you to experience!

[Training players in multiple dimensions]

Star players signed by themselves can improve their abilities in multiple dimensions. Is it reaction speed? Or is it teamfighting?

You can also sign up for popular anchors and let them live on major platforms. Do you want them to become a technical anchor or an entertainment anchor?

---------------------------------------------I am the dividing line- -------------------------------------------------

Official QQ group: 322676036

The official novel [The Road to E-sports] synchronous serialization is officially launched!

E-sports big players
Hossam Galal

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