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Peerless Battle Spirit: Prequel

Peerless Battle Spirit: Prequel

By: 天石游戏

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"Peerless Soul of War: The Prequel" is an American style open world mobile game authorized by the best evildoer genuine, exquisite 3D art restores the classic novel scenes, presents a vast world of blue and blue, and you can travel in all corners of the world; the perfect replica of the novel plot, dozens A real arena with highly immersive and interactive characters in a novel; free and invigorating combos, experience a hearty battle without locks; cultivating immortals with swords, changing fate against the sky, fighting on the sky!

[The novel restores the journey of experiencing the soul of war]

The original novel is authorized, and the plot of the original is perfectly restored, allowing you to become the protagonist and feel the joy and enmity of counterattack life, and relive the original passion and emotion.

[War Soul Awakening Free Weapon Switching]

Say goodbye to traditional fixed professional routines, create a gameplay of war soul awakening, free switching of weapons, and bring a new subversive and diverse combat experience.

[Only the American wind is intoxicated by the oriental fantasy]

In Linshui Town, there are flowing water and flying flowers, the misty clouds of the Xuan Lingzong, the beautiful scenes of the novels, and the oriental charm creates an imaginary three-dimensional fantasy world.

[Free flight to enjoy the magnificent Canglan]

The sky and the sea are vast for you to travel, the whole map is free to fly without locking, and the wings are embracing in the air, and the beautiful wings and the fairy can travel together.

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Peerless Battle Spirit: Prequel
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