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Liao Zhai Searching for Spiritual Records

Liao Zhai Searching for Spiritual Records

By: 仙峰游戏

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"Liao Zhai Searching for Spiritual Records" is a mobile game of "Liao Zhai". Players will travel to the world of "Liao Zhai" who are incarnations of "foreign spirits". The story behind the "foreign spirits", and in the strange journeys that have been disturbed, unearth the conspiracy behind all this.

There is no shortage of careerists in the Shenzhou world where mortals and foreign spirits coexist. In a turmoil a hundred years ago, the spiritual masters can leave Mr. Xian to protect the protagonist and send you into this world. With the death of Mr. Liuxian, the world of China, which has lost its checks and balances, is in a precarious manner. When ambition and conspiracy come back, you have returned to this world by chance and coincidence.

Who is your true identity? What is your connection with this world? Can the black hand that intensified the contradiction between mortals and foreign spirits be found out? A journey full of adventures, waiting for your exploration!

Liao Zhai Searching for Spiritual Records
Hossam Galal

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