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Draw the sword to be the king

Draw the sword to be the king

By: 海南尤达科技有限公司

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There is a legend circulating on this land: if you draw the sword in the stone, you are the king.

Everyone is ready to move, wanting to be Camelot's supreme supreme. The sword of the king in the lake is shining, and the rumored Holy Grail continues the myth of immortality. It seems that everyone can be independent at the pinnacle of power and dominate the entire Camelot continent.

If you travel to the legendary Great Britain, how will you conquer the city, draw your sword and become the king?

[Immersive experience, writing legends of heroes]

Here, you will gather legendary characters and knights to open up territory for you. Legendary figures such as King Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, etc., will be under your command. In the interactive plot, feel their love and hate intertwined and feel their brilliant life. When legends and myths tell you their stories in a telling way, the scales of victory may be even more inclined to you.

[What you see is what you get, the style is exquisite and can be beaten]

Reject false paintings and use actual game graphics to convince everything. 1:1 actual combat board map, the most realistic restoration of the conquering scene, easier to substitute into the game, and feel the fierce war.

[Just to be fair, every round is a new start]

Every time you claim the king is a new start. Each opening is a new starting point. Random starting point, random match. Next to you may be an ally or an opponent. Give full play to your strategic mind, make use of terrain and resources, and find the right opportunities, which is the magic weapon to win. Here, you can feel the characteristics of SLG, and also experience the fairness and coolness of MOBA.

[Sand table competition, real-time control to fight the world]

Knowing yourself and the enemy is the only way to win in all battles. Real-time control of the offensive routes and resources of your allies and opponents can help you stand out in the chaotic war. Every move of the other party will be delivered to you in real time. How to use the gap of the opponent's collection or attack to achieve hegemony is the most important factor in determining success or failure.

[Rejecting liver cirrhosis, no more months for a round]

What should I do if the liver is not enough? Don't worry, it's not available here. Abandon the single game cycle of tens of hours to several months at every turn, and complete a game in fragmented time. Say goodbye to liver cirrhosis and start with "Pull the Sword and Rule the King".

[Global service, fair match]

There are no unlimited new servers, only fair matches in the same rank. Say goodbye to rollover and refuse to be cannon fodder.

Lords, are you ready?

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Draw the sword to be the king
Hossam Galal

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