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City of Two Realms

City of Two Realms

By: 雷霆游戏

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"City of Two Realms" is an interactive mobile game with urban abilities and plot.

The dark tide is surging behind the peaceful city of Guangdong, and the changes in the city are affecting the daily life of life!

An ordinary college graduate, accidentally broke into the barrier of the city and was forced to get involved in disputes. Can the awakened supernatural ability fight the root of the urban commotion? It's like you uncover it! What kind of fate is waiting for the young man between the two realms?

[Game Features]

>>>The barrier is broken, and the ordinary boy joins the Demon Organization

The sky and the sky are unpredictable, and there are always cracks. From time to time, demons appear in the human world and invade cities. See how the protagonist joins the mysterious organization step by step and opens his own life!

>>>Focus on reality, explore freely in the familiar city

The game is set in Guangzhou, which truly restores the city's appearance. Customize your city life, sleeping, eating, watching movies or even going to Internet cafes are not a problem. Through the daily improvement of the five dimensions, you will be unimpeded in the advancement of the plot.

>>>Summon an alien escort, with the strongest demon squad

Can word games also have RPG gameplay? Train an exclusive escort to fight for you! Decide on the lineup during the rounds, and use strategies flexibly against the incoming enemies. Can your team complete the mission safely?

>>>Make friends with destiny, interact with each other and build bonds

Ten unique male and female characters for players to guide, including Yujie, Uncle, Zhengtai, Loli and other types as you choose, unlock relationship abilities through fetters!

>>>Full animation interpretation, a hot-blooded drama that can be played

Created by a Chinese team, stand-up cutscenes, CG animation interpretation, local dubbing team interpretation, bringing the most passionate national comic audiovisual experience~

City of Two Realms
Hossam Galal

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