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Crazy Cannon Artillery

Crazy Cannon Artillery

By: 懒猫游戏

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[Q cute style of painting]

Simple but not simple sandbox scenes, multiple types of backgrounds, more than one hundred animal heroes, and background settings for multiple camps, creating a variety of distinctive characters.

[Various skills]

There are multiple types of characters, each with unique skills, hero fetters, type combinations, and skill collocations, ensuring that you can get a variety of combat combinations every time you get a new hero.

[Strategic battle]

The release of skills consumes energy, and the release sequence and timing of the skills will bring about different battle results. In addition, you can set the skills to carry, the release order of skills, and automatically cast spells. Simplified operation.

[Massive gameplay]

In addition to pushing the picture, a full-service competitive world boss; random mining; easy on-hook exploration; territories where friends can visit each other to attack; a variety of interesting content, which makes people want to stop!

Crazy Cannon Artillery
Hossam Galal

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