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Peace of mind

Peace of mind

By: 红梦游戏

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"Fate in Peace" brings you an easy chair-like detective experience from the famous detective novel. There is no need to run around, sitting in an easy chair, listening to the case and looking at the clues; you can find the answer by virtue of super strong reasoning and analysis skills. What are you waiting for? Now the opportunity is here! !

The novel game mode, in the communication with the protagonist, participate in the case detection, the perfect combination of detective novels and decryption games, and experience the sense of accomplishment after obtaining the truth.

Simulate social interaction with the protagonist, bringing the player immersively into the novel, helping the protagonist to find clues, reason about the case, and find the final truth in the dialogue interaction.

The game contains multiple cases of different types and different time dimensions, such as dusty old cases that span more than ten years, mysterious and terrifying nightmare murders, and terrible serial girl murders, all waiting for you to solve.

Game features:

1. Simulate social chat tools to directly interact with the protagonist.

2. The immersive experience channel allows players to thoroughly enter the detective novel and participate in the whole process of case detection.

3. A variety of different types of cases are intertwined, and the ups and downs of the plot are fascinating.

4. The voice function is dubbed by real people and the game effect is more realistic.

Peace of mind
Hossam Galal

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