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Doomsday Labyrinth

Doomsday Labyrinth

By: 惊蛰

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"Doomsday Labyrinth" is a doomsday theme, dungeon maze, turn-based rpg.

"Game Features"

1. Random doomsday levels: every time you swipe it is different, God knows what ghost enemies you will encounter

2. Diablo equipment system: massive affix attributes, a lot of dark gold equipment, it’s not just talking about it.

3. Free collocation of skills: The skill combination is too brain-burning, and the collocation is as fierce as a tiger, and the various sharp collocations can’t stop~

4. Quirks*** Hero: Secretly tell you that your teammates are not normal, you have to be careful of them...

Doomsday Labyrinth
Hossam Galal

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