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Paper Hero

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"Paper Heroes" is an independent game that combines Roguelike+War Chess+DBG elements. Different heroes in the legend will carry different cards, combined with the battle form of war chess, how to play the game is entirely up to the players themselves.

In "Paper Heroes", play a board game "reality" with the queen and play a "virtual" protagonist in a fantasy world. Through battle and mission exploration, you can solve the mystery in and out of the game step by step, and finally Compose your own story and ending.

The game integrates elements such as Roguelike, strategic warfare, and card collection and construction to create a new combat gameplay. Players can start new adventures time and time again. Various map seasons, massive missions, enemies, cards, etc. will be randomly generated into a large map. According to the different choices of the player’s start, they can explore the map step by step to complete different tasks and Fight.

Paper Hero
Hossam Galal

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