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Pandora is echo

Pandora is echo

By: Narwhal Studio

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In 2041, mankind will experience a devastating disaster. The "magic box" of unidentified man-made objects will appear in front of mankind. The virus it spreads continues to erode mankind. Eventually mankind is infected into mechanized individuals, and these infected humans are called It is the "A-type living body".

The surviving humans live under the fear of attacks by the "Magic Box" virus and "Class A Life Forms", but humans still did not give up hope. After four years, mankind finally found and destroyed the "Magic Box", and at the same time succeeded in removing the "Magic Box". "Type A life forms" were restored to "A humans" with human minds. Later, people named this hellish war that lasted for four years as the "War of Kaos".

The Earth Allied Forces immediately established a department in charge of time-space crimes-Time Sequence Security Command TLSC, and equipped it with the humanoid combat weapon "Pandora" based on "A Human".

So the battle for the magic box between TLSC and Sphinx kicked off.


In the early stages of production, we planned to make a military and military theme of the two-dimensional development game, but we did not want to make a "stubbing" routine game, because players are tired of this mode.

"The tank should have moved!"

"How to increase combat diversity?"

"How to increase the cooperation of naval and air forces?"

"Let the player personally control the unit to experience the battlefield"


[Key point] So, after many quarrels and attempts, we finally decided as follows: (If you don’t understand, please communicate with our staff in the Q group, thank you!)

1. *Level selection mode: sand table type diversified strategy to pass through levels, random incidents, increase the variability of the battlefield;

2. * Combat mode: marching with joysticks, the army is the main force, the navy, the air force and the air force are coordinated and coordinated, and a variety of formation changes are used (the tentative battlefield can be about 5 arms, and I am thinking about adding more arms at the same time. March), snakeskin moves to enhance combat maneuverability and strategy;

3.*Other battle-related gameplay: For different activities, add some small games (such as Snake, Bomberman, etc.) to launch a variety of fun gameplays, consider adding some real-time synchronized gameplay to reduce the fatigue of repeated gameplay ;

【Middle and latter content】

Voice actor CV:

In order to eliminate the fatigue of the commander during the mission, Pandoras will install CV voice in the later stage.

Li painting:

Card games not only have beautiful paintings, but also need rich gameplay. We did not ignore the content of the game like some games, and invested a lot of energy, inviting many first-line "traffic" painters to come to the show. (No funding ´_>`)

We didn't "take the volume", but we were "take the heart". Every vertical painting is carefully made by ourselves and repeated plastic surgery. Of course, in addition to the pictures of the bureau's painters, we will also sincerely invite powerful painters to cooperate in the later stage, but we must have the strength and like our game.

(Stop talking, can you let me choose a wife first?)


The game is currently in the development stage. In order to make a game that can stand the test, the Authority is constantly revising and improving the game content day and night. Please click to make an appointment and follow our progress.

In order to show their sincerity, the painters of the Administration have made a concept PV themselves (despite their hard work, but the amateur crossover is still in a bad light), but please rest assured that we may ask professional companies to do the next version of the PV. If you are not satisfied with our PV, then——

Please join the QQ group and direct all firepower and spearheads at me!

(Hey, you are actually shaking M!)

Pandora is echo
Hossam Galal

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