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Magic Card Secret Realm

Magic Card Secret Realm

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Game introduction:

"Magic Card Secret Realm" is a card adventure game with DGB and Roguelike elements developed by Kantouch Network. The background of the game is a virtual world of orcs. The story of the game is based on the perspective of warrior mud claws. Through the adventure journey of mud claws, the mystery of the orc continent is gradually revealed. Rings, tribes, friends, wars, chaos... step by step tests this boy from the fishing village.

Game features:

1. "Challenge if there is a species, I am waiting for you in my nightmare"

The game has a total of 5 scenes, and each scene has an advanced version of the difficulty challenge. New players can familiarize themselves with the gameplay and card types through the novice mode, and gradually unlock each scene and difficulty of the game. For hardcore players, we also provide you with an unprecedented nightmare trial.

2. "Pass the level without injury, kill with blood and blood, everything is waiting for you to create"

The game has diversified card combinations and equipment types. Players can reasonably use the connection between cards and equipment to fight against monsters with various characteristics in the game according to their own tactics, and enhance the strategy and creativity of the game.

3. "Don't worry, cute boys and handsome girls will have them"

Players can choose different character occupations for adventure in the game. Different characters have different card types and hero skills, making the player's experience more colorful. (Secretly telling you, there is a new hero-Hunter in the season reward)

4. "Original talent and scroll system"

The talent system in the game can make the player's fighting style more varied and enjoy the fun of strategic combat; while the scroll system allows the player to experience a more intense sense of surprise after the battle.

5. "Achievement mission players, look here"

In order to satisfy all types of players, various achievements and tasks are also set in the game, which not only allows players to receive rich rewards, but also allows players to have fun and play depth.

6. "Subway, train station, free time at work... everywhere can be adventures"

The game adheres to the label of strategy and leisure. While satisfying the player's strategic experience, there is no time limit set in the battle, allowing you to start an adventure as you like, anytime, anywhere.

Magic Card Secret Realm
Hossam Galal

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