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Heroes in a foreign land

Heroes in a foreign land

By: Redtalk

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
ليتم إخطارك عندما تكون اللعبة جاهزة للعب

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"Alien Heroes" is a pan-entertainment two-dimensional placement card game,

-Cooperative combat

Collect different card heroes, obtain super attributes through continuous development and upgrades, and coordinate the three card characteristics to change different combat styles through hero combinations;

—Five Stance Hero

Attack warriors, defensive warriors, crit rangers, damage mages, and heal Shennong. The five major professions have more than 20 attribute development directions, creating exclusive heroes and achieving kings;

-Hierarchical Hero

Card heroes can be equipped with weapons, and exclusive weapons have super powerful enhancements. There is a small probability of obtaining heterogeneous heroes in the collection and cultivation, and heterogeneous heroes have the characteristics of extreme cultivation attributes in the same quality;

-Progressive development

Each hero has an exclusive development route, upgrades, evolves, and rises to stars. The quality is only to improve the hero's own characteristics. The real combat power is to obtain different combat power trends and card coordination strategies through development;

-Trading Cards

Three types of auxiliary battle cards: super attacking [skill card], explosive attribute [talent card], and rare and unparalleled [destiny card], making the battle extremely exciting and fun;

—Climb the ladder star road

Develop and upgrade heroes to get star waypoints, and configure different star waypoints to get different attribute bonuses, allowing more changes in combat methods and combat effectiveness.

Heroes in a foreign land
Hossam Galal

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