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out of control

out of control

By: 极夜工作室

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All things will eventually be destroyed, we repeat in the vortex of life and death, waving the sword in our hands and slashing towards the god who set the ending for us.


In the year 205X, mankind ushered in the beginning of the end of history

A huge meteorite suddenly hit the earth, accompanied by the meteorite is huge destruction and a foreign material called Yuansu

The earth is invaded by foreign substances, and a kind of terrifying disease called black streak syndrome has quickly appeared among humans. After infection, humans will become fierce and violent terrifying monsters in a very short period of time [falling horror].

In just a few weeks, the black streak syndrome quickly spread all over the world, and the violent monster [Falling Hack] began to slaughter wildly, and human civilization was destroyed in just a few months of resistance.

The few survivors can only build huge walls within the area to form reservations in order to survive.

In the year 212X, the depravity has spread all over the world. In order to fight the depravity and retake the homeland, mankind has created the core power device to fight the depravity [source core]

So far, the teenagers who replaced the heart with the [source core] will take the [source body weapon] code-named [doll] as the last survival hope of mankind, and start a desperate battle. After more than a dozen large-scale recovery operations, mankind is still unable to break the status quo, and the war situation was once stuck in a stalemate.

Now, in order to break the deadlock, as the "captain" of the mercenary organization, you will lead your "source body" troop to complete the mission of the final decisive weapon. May your martial arts prosper...

out of control
Hossam Galal

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