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My generation

My generation

By: 萌毛董事会

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[This version is *initial initial initial initial initial test version* does not represent the final quality]

"My Generation" is the first game produced by Mengmao Studio

"My Generation" is a micro-innovative 2D non-real-time martial arts MMORPG game

Although "my generation" is a fledgling, but ambitious

"My generation" can realize the reorganization and mixing of a variety of classic martial arts

"My generation" can freely reinforce the people of the world and form their own matrix of the world

"My generation" can learn martial arts with players online

Because the test time is really hasty (again, I apologize)

*Novice guide* missing

*Character drawing* is missing

*Game Story*Missing

*Late gameplay*Missing

All of the above are in perfection

To make up for the incomplete experience, during this period:

"My generation" has greatly reduced the development cycle

"My generation" simplified arena ranking mechanism

"My Generation" has prepared a new year gift package for the first and top ten players in this beta version

Hurry to release this unfinished test version a year ago

It’s because I strongly hope that players can truly participate in the development of "My Generation"

"My generation" is eager to see everything, listen to our hearts, and receive the truth

"My generation" look forward to seeing you in this world

I also hope that the current crude version can bring you a happy new year

The rivers and lakes are not far away, we should meet

In the subsequent development process

"My generation" also hope to meet with players offline from time to time

Talk about the martial arts in your heart, tell the story of the player

Even if it’s just an adventure, a mission, a dialogue

Thanks again for your attention

Thank you again for stopping by

Thank you again, thank you for playing our game

Happy New Year

My generation
Hossam Galal

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