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Operation Dark Night

Operation Dark Night

By: ZGame

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||| Game Mode|||

-16 people are trapped on the island, divided into 4 teams to explore the island

-Teleport to the mysterious prop island, and find hidden props

-Collect 15 shining stars/clouds/moons and you will have enough energy to escape the island

-According to their abilities, the competition only has enough energy for 3 teams to escape. If you leave it at the end, you will fail to escape!

||| Featured gameplay|||

-Very high winning rate-

Three wins for four teams, easy promotion, ignoring the pros and cons of the team, rest assured!

-Happy props, weird skills-

Traps, hooks, radar... let you experience the leisure and fun of props;

Three stages of flashing, three stages of can have all the wonderful battles you want;

Props and skills are easily matched with super combo, and experience exciting and refreshing multi-faction chaos~

- All roads lead to Rome-

Collect or fight, peek-a-boo or team battle, everything is up to you. Gou Di and Kill King can win powerfully!

Operation Dark Night
Hossam Galal

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