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Island era

Island era

By: 网易游戏

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"Island Era" is a fresh and aerobic island adventure mobile game.

In the fantasy world of Kalangu, the seamen will go to islands with different styles, dive into the deep and changeable ocean, choose any of the four major professions, and switch freely in the development of dual talents. Here you can build unique home islands, tame cute pets, experience various copies of mechanism and lively and joyful fun gameplay. Come master the elemental linkage, cleverly turn the tide of the battle, and compete in the exciting PVP!

What day is next? Take the risk now!

[Island Color Kites Festival, fly kites together]

-Fly the kite together at the Island Kitesurfing Festival! See you on the island in late spring!

-Rich spring activities, multiple benefits are coming, let's come to the island to enjoy the spring!

-The island is renewed! Holy Mountain’s first elite instance and new two-player action are only waiting for you to unlock!

[Fresh Aerobic Fun Adventure]

-Set foot on the fantasy island, step into the mysterious seabed, and breathe ~ the smell of the sea!

-Logging and mining berries, fishing for big fish and feasting on them

-Four major professions and eight talents, work together to fight against powerful bosses

[Elemental linkage reversal of the battle]

-X element + Y element = super awesome!

-Inject the spirit of the elements into the bottle to release the original power of nature

-Observe everything that can be interacted in the environment, and use element linkage to resolve the crisis

【Logging and farming to build an island】

-There is an island at the beginning, you can build, produce, and process it!

-Humans, Aruba, Sea, Elves... Come and be a guest at my house!

-Plant a magical farmland where the radishes are taller than people

[Tame pets and walk in groups]

-Explore different corners of the world of Kalangu and discover all kinds of wonderful cute pets

-Learn how to train animals in hunting groups and dance with your pets in the flowery array

-Feed and take care of your partners and unleash their true power in contract skills

Island era
Hossam Galal

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