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"Open Space Collection" is a new miniature style open exploration battle game!

"One day, the BOSS of the association suddenly became nervous and said that in order to improve the quality of the newcomers who are gradually scrapped, the future selection of witches needs to pass the "golden trial". What is even more incredible is that it is used today in the 21st century. To let us know...! So as the selected newcomer---that’s right, you! Hurry up and become our part-time worker through the "Witch World" created by the witches!"

The game combines the design ideas of the open world with a brand new attempt for mobile gaming experience and open collection and exploration at the same time! There may not be dazzling full-screen cool special effects or magnificent human apocalypse here, but the relaxed, fun and free exploration and refreshing Break battle system will bring you new fun!

[Full map exploration]

In the game, as far as possible to achieve all the places on the map as long as you can find a way to go or jump up, there are also many collection elements waiting for you to discover!

[New miniature style]

The scene design and perspective of the game use a wide-angle effect similar to a miniature model, allowing players to feel a brand-new game experience!

[Refreshing Break Fighting System]

The battle system introduces a brand-new Break mechanism so that every weapon and every skill has great actual combat value, and you can experience a strong sense of refreshment at the moment of killing!

Open Space Collection Exchange Group: 613729442

Hossam Galal

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