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Nautical civilization

Nautical civilization

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To Lord Lord:

"Spices are in the East, wealth is on the sea, ambition and hope are rushing to the turbulent ocean",

The new world of the ship is waiting for you to conquer.

Customize ships, train soldiers, conduct business and trade, hunt sea monsters, occupy limited island resources, unite other players against the empire, gather allies to fight for maritime hegemony, and build your own empire that never sets in the sun!

-Various technologies, deep customization of strong ships and guns;

Diversified scientific and technological research and development directions, customized ship enhancement, all-round customization of your fleet, flagship painting, iron armor fast guns, etc., are all up to you. The strategic formation of troops will help you in the battle without any disadvantage.

-Cross-sea commerce and wealth build the cornerstone of an empire;

Dredge the sea routes, trade with different countries, understand the laws of the market, and exchange the least cost for the greatest benefit. Sufficient wealth supports you to build a diversified fleet, and use money to build the cornerstone of the empire's glory.

-Mythology is present, hunting sea monsters and strategizing;

Conquer the legendary heroes, the celebrities of these countries will greatly enhance the combat power of your fleet, accelerate the construction of the territory, and allow you to surpass other lords in all aspects. Assign heroes to lead the fleet to hunt sea monsters, obtain scarce resources, forge rare ship heads, and let the power of sea monsters protect the fleet and make your fleet invincible.

-Blu-ray image quality, truly reproduce the exotic style;

Operated by a well-known art team, the ultimate realistic painting style leads the players back to the Middle Ages and experience the European style of the great nautical era. Seeing Marigold up close, she smiled happily, and looked at the ship and the castle from afar. Jamaica, Santiago, Trujillo...The unique European style and customs form a magnificent chart.

-Alliance battles, strategy and structure of the ocean;

Go up the army and conquer the city. Really reproduce the intrigue in the total war. Use your ingenuity and strategy to win celebrities and build alliances. The alliances have close and distant offensives, battling their formidable enemies, and fighting for supremacy in the sea.

Wish your wisdom can be brought into play here, and your personality can be reflected here. Wish your talents are roughly enough to lead us to glory!

At last

Welcome back, my dear lord.

------- Mary Geld

Nautical civilization
Hossam Galal

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