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Road of destiny

Road of destiny

By: 谜笛工作室

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A game that combines DBG gameplay (Deck-Building) and roguelike

Every choice will have a different impact

Embark on an adventure full of endless changes


Above the fascinating star of Terra, in the depths of the calm and vast ocean, a wise creature was finally born again

After generations of reproduction, evolution, travel and research, they finally discovered:

The ground on which they stood was neither the seabed nor the land. It turned out to be a huge pillar standing vertically on the bottom of the sea!

Looking up at the sky, you can faintly see the huge shadow in the sea water that runs across your head. It is also another huge pillar! It is estimated that there should be as many as 13 such columns!

Where did these pillars come from? Where did the ancient ruins on the pillars come from? What is the end of the column? Are there other creatures on other pillars?

No one can answer

All these puzzles are hidden on the road of destiny, waiting to be pieced together into another real appearance

And when you are staring at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you

【How to play】

* While advancing cautiously, collect cards to polish your battle deck

* Enemies with different abilities are blocking the way forward

* Collect powerful engravings along the way to go further

*Encounter random events, choose carefully, and understand the hidden truth

*Limited-time battle play, build the strongest deck in endless reincarnation, and become the hero closest to the top


*Play at any time, quickly KO opponents

*Professional rich, free routine group

Road of destiny
Hossam Galal

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