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Naughty little shooter

Naughty little shooter

By: 前海游戏

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Q version of the casual shooting battle mobile game "Naughty Little Shooter"

——With super high-quality 3D hand-drawn cartoon style, fairy tale game scenes.

The operation is simple and easy to understand, and you can easily play in 3 minutes.

A wide range of combat props and various unexpected tricky and funny effects will make you laugh while fighting fiercely.

Cool personality characters, each character has its own skills, the battle is more interesting.

Come enter "Naughty Shooter" and experience the relaxing and funny game time of casual sports!

[Game Features]

-Position mode: Western cowboy style 1V1 duel;

-Brawl mode: the experience of chasing and being chased full of urgency;

-Team mode: 5V5 team competition, competition teamwork awareness;

-Unique and creative battle props: All battle props in the game are familiar items, but they will bring different interesting effects;

-Fantastic characters, beautiful fashion: There are various characters in the game for players to switch between, and each character has its own personality, and the difference is not only the appearance;

-Multiplayer BOSS battle: In each scene, there is a big monster from another dimension. It is difficult to defeat a powerful monster by yourself. Call your teammates to work together to fight and destroy the cute villain!

Naughty little shooter
Hossam Galal

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