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Ninja Turtles OL

Ninja Turtles OL

By: 飞流九天科技有限公司

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Ninja Turtles OL obtained the genuine IP license of the United States Nick, is a 3D ARPG action game with the story of the Ninja Turtles as the background of the game.

The game has exquisite graphics, fine characters, and the combat action of the characters is polished by professionals to produce a flowing experience.

The game allows players to explore New York City with multiple players, cooperating to complete missions, defeat bosses or fight with teams of other players with different concepts.

Welcome to the world of Ninja Turtles OL.


1. Cool graphics experience

Ninja Turtles OL is a next-generation action game built with Unreal 3 engine and perfect use of 3D technology. Not satisfied with giving players a cool visual feast, but also strive to show the ultimate combat combat sense.

2. New PK tournament

Ring competition, matchmaking, dragon battle, city treasure, guild battle. From the survival PK dragon fight to the team cooperation serial copy and team battle, the PK tournament will push the players to the peak of glory.

3. City Survival Competition

With city free PK as the core, multiple people will explore freely in New York City together, cooperating to complete missions, defeating bosses or fighting with other players of different concepts in teams.

4. Variety of styles

As the equipment level rises, the magnificence and power of the equipment will be displayed more in appearance. For the pursuit of fashion players, there are constantly updated fashion to choose from.

5. Partner cultivation play

Ninja Turtles OL has more than ten different types of partners, partners have their own unique appearance shape and partner skills.

Activate different partners, you can also activate the bond between partners to enhance the attributes. Activated partners will also follow the player in battle.

6. Guardian new gameplay

Ninja Turtles OL has more than ten different kinds of guardians, which are displayed behind the player as part of the player's strength and image.

Activate the super cool guardian, show its powerful combat effect, participate in the battle and become the most dazzling ninja turtle in New York City.

Ninja Turtles OL
Hossam Galal

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