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My child: the fountain of life

My child: the fountain of life

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After the end of World War II, you adopted a child born from the "Fountain of Life" project in Norway. But in this society full of hatred and hostility, raising children is not an easy task. This game is adapted from the real experiences of the children of "The Fountain of Life". In this game, you can see the other side of the war-even after the victory, the punishment of the victims has not stopped.

Understand the child’s past and help the child face life. In the game, you need to allocate your time and resources reasonably. At the same time, you also encounter many difficult questions: about the child's past, about school bullying, about hatred and criticism. You need to find the answers to all these questions.

Help Klaus/Kalin face the problems of German ancestry and help your children find a place to live in this free country.

Your choice will produce different results.

Game features:

-Through different choices, affect children's feelings, personality and worldview.

-Every time you make a choice, your child will express his feelings through facial expressions and body language.

-Explore exciting storylines and learn about historical events that actually happened.

-Collect food in the game, work to earn money, and help children cook, sew clothes, and play with them.

-Use time wisely and allocate resources.

-Adopt a boy or girl and help them through a crucial year in their lives.

My child: the fountain of life
Hossam Galal

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