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Light 42

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How can I describe it to you, the city I am in at the moment...

Twenty years ago, a beam of transparent light with a radius of 42 kilometers fell down, wrapping the blue sky of City C with its colorless skin. The noisy media said that the light came from the dark and boundless universe. It was an icy blue flame, igniting the fire of disasters and changes-like a ghost on the side, making people lose their homes forever.

The following year, the C city government gave up resistance and ordered a large-scale compulsory retreat. This brightly lit "Pearl of the Sea" was instantly reduced to a crisis-ridden "ghost city on earth."

My name is Shen He, an underground detective who often shuts out boring clients. Three days ago, under the "careful planning" of my friend Lin Yu, he accidentally undertook the unsettled case of "Actress Xia Zhenzhen's bizarre death": growth after death, last words in the stomach, supernatural videos, humanoid monsters, light disaster orphans...

In order to solve the many doubts lingering on this strange girl. I was forced to step into City C again after many years, into the haze under the magical light...


"Light 42" is a game positioned as an [interactive novel].

In the game, players can:

-Experience intricate and bizarre cases as the protagonist;

-"Talk" with dozens of characters to understand the secrets hidden behind the characters;

-Turn on "Seeing and Hearing", and enjoy reading the strange things the protagonist encountered during the investigation;

-Collect "clues" and open supplementary "data" or "cross-examination" characters. What are they hiding?

The plot of -60w+ words, a completely fun experience!

Light 42
Hossam Galal

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