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Midnight Trek

Midnight Trek

By: 3K独游屋

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One (or three) airplanes are surrounded by darkness. You need to fly forward according to the guidance of the light, but please be careful of sudden roadblocks. If you don't pay attention, you may be broken into pieces!

Operating skills:

1. Press and hold the screen, and the aircraft will be divided into three planes; (suitable for avoiding obstacles such as spikes and strings)

2. Release your fingers: the planes are combined into one; (suitable for avoiding thorn pits)

3. Slide your finger: the plane rotates; (you can adjust the position to avoid obstacles)

Three paper airplanes in your hands, separate and converge. Fly forward with the rhythm of the piano, overcoming obstacles on the road, and let the bumpy road turn into an accompaniment melody.

Official WeChat account: duyouwu3k or 3K single travel house

Midnight Trek
Hossam Galal

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