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Snake Alliance

Snake Alliance

By: 尚清睿科技

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The World View of "Snake Alliance"

Above a mysterious and unknown sea, there is a snake island suspended in the air. On the highest point of the island stands a huge snake egg. The energy emitted by the snake egg is the source of energy for the snakes. Under the shelter of the source of snake eggs, snakes and snakes live a happy life peacefully and peacefully.

Suddenly one day, another huge floating island suddenly appeared and collided with Snake Island! Broke this tranquility. In order to fight for each other’s snake eggs and protect their own snake eggs, the snakes on the two islands took up weapons and joined the battle...

game introduction

"Snake Alliance" is a 3D casual puzzle battle game independently developed by "Beijing Shangqingrui Technology" company. This game inherits the classic snake gameplay of the era of red and white machine, innovatively integrates MOBA mode and prop mode. This game tests team cooperation, rational use of different props, surfaces, obstacles, and design of different battlefield strategies can bring about very big changes in the battle situation, hurry up and make trouble with your friends! Super cute and cute 3D image design! The cute greedy snake has started a big fantasy adventure, and its various shapes are so cute that they cry! Download it if you like it! ! !

Game features

1. The classic reappears and the snake-eating complex returns.

2. Staying cute and cute, 3D transforms the audience like cute.

3. Team competition, team up to fight together, highlight team awareness and show off individual operations. What are you waiting for 5 kills! ! !

4. Props puzzles, random artifacts, use by strategy, it's time to show a wave of your wit.

5. Rich terrain, clever use of terrain obstacles in the game, victory is twice the result with half the effort.

6. Featured activities, there will be a variety of fun and interesting activities in the game to surprise you.

7. Collect the gospel of control, hard work will be rewarded, rare collection snake skin is waiting for you to collect!

Snake Alliance
Hossam Galal

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