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Man or Vampire

Man or Vampire


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An unprecedented game, "Man or Vampire"! Come and experience it now.

Heaven, the mysterious world where dead souls live.

Now, because there are vampires guarding the border,

Only the king of heaven can rescue heaven from the crisis.

Now, embark on the adventure of becoming the king of heaven.

[Game Features]

● Strategic combat

By taking advantage of the terrain in turn-based battles, you can create a more strategic battle. The battle is based on a team game, and various factors of the battle will vary according to the level and terrain of the team you build. In addition, the skills displayed by your companions produce a variety of attack effects on a wide range and targets.

● Walk in the eerie dungeon

Man or Vampire (human or vampire) contains a variety of randomly generated dungeons. In order to escape the dungeon, map exploration is essential. Beware of guarding monsters in the dungeon. Its sudden appearance will bring you various threats. You already have items and equipment that can help you advance in the dungeon.

● Recruit companions with different exclusive skills

Recruit companions who are willing to take risks with you. With a variety of occupations, you can make the exclusive roles of your companions stand out. You can train your companions through various content (including intimacy, monster elements, team analysis, etc.) to make them stronger.

●Cultivate special protagonists

Cultivate your protagonist. The protagonist is the only creature in this game that is both a human and a vampire. You can change their profession at any time and learn advanced skills from your peers. You can play this game in various ways, depending on how you use the protagonist.

# 2017 Google Independent Games Festival Top 10

# 2017 Invited to participate in the 2017 MWU celebration

# 2017 South Korea Game Creation Audition (Game Creation Audition) 2nd place

Heartfelt thanks to all the players who love "Man or Vampire"!

Your valuable comments will be a great help to the developers.


Man or Vampire
Hossam Galal

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