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Totem Cube Battle

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I believe that every friend who loves to play casual sports games has a heart to compete. As a casual competitive mobile game, "Totem Cube" not only retains the elements of the classic game Tetris, but also breaks the traditional elimination gameplay. The game is mainly stacked and incorporates creative elements such as gravity, friction, and magic. The unexpected mechanical crisis and the sudden appearance of destruction magic make players full of dramatic challenges in the process of building towers.

Game highlights:

1. Innovative stacking gameplay: In the game, the player’s task is to use cubes to stack under various restricted conditions, such as height and width restrictions. Familiar elements combined with brand-new gameplay make it impossible to stop burning your brain.

2. Highly realistic physical effects: each brick in the game has a real weight, and the shape of the bricks is different, and the center of gravity is different. Therefore, players must pay attention to the process of stacking towers. The blocks are no longer placed mechanically. , A little carelessness may lead to the overturning of the entire brick tower.

3. Abundant and changeable magic skills: During the player's breakthrough or competition, they will also encounter a variety of negative magic that will bring threats and difficulties to everyone's breakthrough. At this time, the use of magic skills is especially important! In the game, you can use all kinds of magic to eliminate negative effects and successfully complete missions.

4. Multiplayer online competitive gameplay: Not only does the game have a single player mode, but you can also play against other players online in real time. The current game supports 1V1 battle mode. Come use magic and skill to compete.

This is a game suitable for all ages. It integrates nostalgia, innovation, and competition. Miracles can happen at all times. The important thing is that you don’t have to be a master if you want to be a master.

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Totem Cube Battle
Hossam Galal

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