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The Battleland of Losserland is a virtual space that exists in a mechanically aggregated neural network. It has superb computing power and can simulate everything known to the entire planet of Loserland. The new tactical AI of mechanical aggregation needs to improve itself from repeated training in this virtual world. Since the war broke out between the mechanical assembly and the human empire, humans have been trying their best to invade this virtual space.

On the frontal battlefield of the real world, humans once used the genetically modified ape-man army to gain the upper hand. However, the rebellious uprising of the mutant ape-man finally made them miss the opportunity. From then on, they can no longer form an advantage in the size of the army and cannot directly defeat the super AI—— The Iron Legion controlled by the Queen of Mechanical Eve. Now with the checks and balances of the ape race, it may be difficult for humans to launch large-scale frontal wars, but the temptation and invasion of the battlefield space has never stopped.

In the battle environment, the latest tactical AI will be transformed into hero data collected in reality. Through the simulation and calculation of these powerful individuals, they will continue to practice combat in the battle environment, and finally form their own fighting style and personality evolution. The tactical AI trained in this way has the combat skills of the hero's peak moments, and even has a high degree of similarity in personality. In order to further enhance the capabilities of these AIs, Super AI Eve tried a new command system, AICP. As a product of this system, you, a new arbitration-level AI, will become the commander of the tactical AI squad and conduct brand-new training.

Hossam Galal

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