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Zombie Tide-Endless Challenge

Zombie Tide-Endless Challenge

By: SixAlloy

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An epic zombie shooting game presented by Sixalloy One-Man Studio

What are you waiting for? Lead your soldiers to challenge the corpse frenzy!

The mobile phone may perform poorly due to performance limitations. You can move to steam to experience the high-definition corpse tide. It will be released on December 30, 2020.

[Game Features]

======= The highest 500 zombies on the same screen, creating the pinnacle of similar mobile games ======

Give you a truly shocking wave of corpses, the feeling of flying flesh and blood, absolutely unprecedented, unique. Note that at the beginning, due to human considerations, players will not experience the zombie wave instantly. When the level exceeds 2 stars, you can experience the endless zombie wave. It is absolutely shocking to recommend every zombie FPS enthusiast to experience it.

=========Desperate fight with radiation zombies and creatures==================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

This game not only tests your marksmanship, but also tests your strategy. Choose different guns and declare war with zombies!

==========Lead the soldiers to fend off the enemy together============

More than 20 types of soldiers can be sent by you, with unlimited soldiers leading the system, will you become a battalion leader? Commander or commander? Or ~ Configure Terminator? It is said that there can be a collision of corpses and crowds?

===========Place fences, oil barrel strategy to retreat from the enemy========

Collect materials and obtain materials to make oil drums and fences! , Repel zombies through strategy

===========A large number of skill blueprints, skillful use of skills ===========

Can you acquire all of the 6 powerful skills?

======[Estimated Game Progress]=======

Downloads reached 200,000 people, updating the huge city map

Over 500,000 downloads, development of online online system

Over 1 million downloads, launch vehicle system and more gameplay

The number of downloads exceeded 10 million, and the "Zombie Tide 2-Ultimate Showdown" was developed

======【Warm Reminder】=======

1. Don't try to use baseball players to rule the world

2. Starting at 3500 yuan, making good use of it can be an amazing harvest

【contact me】

QQ: 571881665

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1. Test the mobile phone kernel Xiaolong 632, which runs smoothly. There is no extensive testing at present

Zombie Tide-Endless Challenge
Hossam Galal

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