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Lankong VOEZ (paid download version)

Lankong VOEZ (paid download version)

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"Walk into Lankong Town and relive the colorful youth"

Do you hear the youth melody brought by the sea breeze?

In this coastal town "Lankong Town", it seems that even the warm air is flying with moving notes.

Because of their common love for music, a group of students from "Lankong High School" gathered together to form the band "VOEZ".

Youth is always colorful. The whole class works together to prepare for the garden party, the play in the classroom, the tense singing competition, the part-time job in the musical instrument shop after school... Surrounding the campus and music, scenes about friendship, love, dreams, The youth story of frustration unfolds

In the "Collector's Edition", the friends on "Lan Kong Town" have opened a new diary chapter, come and embark on a youthful journey with them~

[Game Features]

With the years and music, "Lan Kong VOEZ" has been with everyone for a year. This year, "Lankong VOEZ" not only captured the hearts of a large number of fans with its boutique production and innovative gameplay, but also won the 2016 Apple Store Top Ten Game Award. In order to give back to Lankong fans, Longyuan Network and Reya Games launched a new version of "Lankong VOEZ" "Collector's Edition". This version contains new original tracks, optimized the game interface, and updated the protagonist's diary. More importantly, "Lan Kong VOEZ Collection Edition" implements a one-time payout, and you can play 156 original songs for only 18 yuan.

Unlock a new diary to relive the taste of youth

Do you remember the "Lan Kong Town" surrounded by mountains on three sides? Return to the "Lankong" town and once again walk into the unique landmarks of the town: the traditional bakery "Hesheng West Point", the only "Sea Breeze Musical Instrument Store" in the town that provides training rooms and practice rooms, and the antique "Voez Cafe'"... what happened to the little friends Lan Kong who haven't seen him for a long time? In the new chapter of the diary, "Bird" frowns and asks "Jessy" and "Qianqian" to help her make up for her math scores that are already on the verge of a cliff, and the mystery of the mysterious piano boy is also unveiled...

Hit the dynamic soundtrack to challenge the limit of hand speed

The colorful soundtrack jumps and shifts with the melody of the song, sometimes overlapping and sometimes separated. In a short period of time, remember the rhythm and pattern of a new song. Gorgeous fingerings, colorful note beating, challenge three original tracks of different difficulty, "Easy", "Hard", and "Specia", and enjoy the joy and satisfaction of music and performance. In addition, the "Collector's Edition" is specially set up for Lankong fans to synchronize data. As long as you log in to the "Collector's Edition" with the same game account, you can synchronize the scores of songs created in "Lankong VOEZ". Are you confident in creating new brilliance in the "Collector's Edition"?

Well-known musicians are passionate about creating different styles of music

Well-known musicians such as KillerBlood, 黒瀬マナミ, Rabpit, eyemedia, etc. will bring you original songs of different styles, including trance, pop, rock, dubstep, etc. Open the "Collector's Edition" brand new game interface, and different styles of curves are tiled in front of your eyes. In a leisurely afternoon, sitting alone on a bench under the sycamore tree on campus, or sitting in a corner of a coffee shop, or in a quiet study at home, gently open "Lan Kong VOEZ Collection Edition" and slide to correspond Exquisite illustrations of the song, choose the style you like. Smooth music flows between the fingers, and the colorful soundtrack pulsates with the rhythm. Today is another beautiful day.

Lankong VOEZ (paid download version)
Hossam Galal

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