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Faerie legend

Faerie legend

By: 度修斯工作室

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In 2018, the first ultra-light turn-based masterpiece "Legend of Faeries" will start the first Android file deletion test on February 8th! Classic gameplay types, massive fairy lovers, wonderful plot stories, strong social relationships, and chat at any time. Hang up easily and upgrade automatically. Meet friends, bring love, and experience a fantastic journey of cultivation!

Automatic upgrade, easy game

When the character is offline, you can also gain experience to improve your character's strength, and you can easily experience the fun of the game without the liver.

Diverse pets, free to change clothes

By cultivating and collecting cute pets to assist in combat, a large number of fashion titles are free to dress up, reflecting various character styles.

Social, classic gameplay

Make friends, find a master, beg for love, and interpret the wonderful plot through the enduring turn-based gameplay.

The flowers bloom and fade, and the fate is reincarnation. As long as you are here

Faerie legend
Hossam Galal

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