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Survivors League

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[Game Introduction]

The League of Surviviors (League of Surviviors) is a large-scale fair tactical competitive game in which players will control the heroes to engage in lock-free battles from the 2.5D perspective of God. The game has a super-large, richly landscaped and beautiful scene map, as well as a large number of unique heroes. Each hero has a number of different combat talents and a wealth of weapon and equipment matching options, supplemented by dozens of interesting tools such as mines and ice walls, which adds countless uncertainties to the battle and makes the outcome full of suspense. This is the charm of battle-as long as you insist on doing your best, you can become the last survivor!

[Game Features]

--Mysterious World

The story takes place in the mysterious world of Amber, where magic and technology coexist. There are many races and countries in the Amber world. Players will represent the elites of their respective countries to participate in the survival competition, and the results of the competition will determine the countries. Attribution of interests.

--No lock-in battle, a hundred people melee

In the 100-player melee, the game adopts a new lock-free battle mode, which completely relies on the player's reaction and skills to manually position and attack. It refreshes the combat experience from the look and feel, the sense of operation and the sense of attack, and brings you a hearty sensory enjoyment!

--Multi-heroes and rich skills and tactics

The game has a large number of heroes, each with its own characteristics, and each battle can freely develop skills and talents. Players can choose the hero that suits themselves and their team, and enjoy unlimited play!

--A treasure hunt full of expectations and unknowns

Exploring in the unknown world is always full of expectations and passion, and there will be an incredible crisis around you, but there are also countless treasures waiting for you to receive. The only goal is to live! Pick up the weapon in your hand, use the props in the game, and fight hard.

--- Gorgeous and rich game scenes

Abundant game expressions, magnificent and gorgeous game graphics, and real and delicate game scenes will allow you to appreciate the charm of the game scene in addition to a hearty combat experience.

Survivors League
Hossam Galal

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