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By: 方瀑科技

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When Su Meng and Liu Aren were visiting the second-hand magic weapon trading market, they bought a broken stone slab from an old man at a high price. For this, they were scolded by their companion Yu Qing.

After trying to input the internal force, I found that there is actually an artifact in the slate, cough cough, of course, that artifact is played by the player. Everyone was madly surprised, and regarded the soul of the weapon as a hidden predecessor.

Ever since, players will embark on a wonderful and exciting adventure with them...

Su Meng: "Wait? If you say it is wonderful, it is wonderful?"

Then, players will embark on an interesting adventure with them...

Su Meng: "If you say it is interesting, then it is interesting?"

So, what should I say?

Yu Qing: "Su Meng, can you shut up?"

Su Meng: "I'm just afraid that he is playing false advertising again."

Yu Qing: "That's not your turn."

Su Meng: "I'm just talking about it, don't take it seriously..."

You see, this is the situation...

Hossam Galal

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