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Land of Iron and Salt

Land of Iron and Salt

By: 来比剑工作室

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"The Land of Iron and Salt" is a sandboxed stand-alone real-time strategy game. There are various powerful forces on the endless map, and there will be undead army roaming after the night falls. Players can reclaim the sea and travel long distances to explore endless maps. You can also use the training module to study the mutual restraint and collocation of arms, conquer various forces, annihilate the undead in the dark, and complete various achievements.

----------Game Features----------

【Sandbox Map】

The map is dynamically and randomly generated in a sandbox, without borders. Players can reclaim the sea on the coast to change the terrain and build a land bridge to the other shore. Each continent has its own geomorphic features: deserts, grasslands, towns, swamps, snow-capped mountains, etc. The scales of monsters are also different.

【Day and night changes】

The interface comes with a swaying clock, the rhythm is relatively peaceful during the day, and the enemy army is fixed. Players can use the reconnaissance function to check the opponent's information and then decide whether to attack. When the night falls, a moving undead army will be randomly generated in the wilderness to attack the player. During the night time, the player cannot detect and fill the sea.

【Game Difficulty】

The difficulty of the game is divided into normal, nightmare, and hell. At the beginning, you need to play from normal difficulty, and only after certain conditions can you unlock higher difficulty (regenerate the world). After the difficulty increases, the night time is longer, the undead legions are more, the enemy legions are stronger, and the losses on the battlefield are greater, but the benefits are also greater. Some units can only be obtained on higher difficulty.

【Battlefield Arms】

In the game, in addition to the triangulation (group attack, single unit, group) and long-range, melee, ground, flying and other arms differences, players can also use field control and increase arms to increase their advantages. In the battlefield, ordinary legions have fixed arrays (single row, double row, patrol) and dynamic spawn points (up to two), and all undead legions are dynamic spawn points. The units that come out of the dynamic spawn point will take the initiative to attack.

【Training Mode】

How to master too many arms? As a hardcore game, in addition to the detailed data of the military illustrations, there must be no shortage of specialized training modes. In the training mode, you can set any type and level of the enemy and ours to practice the combination and timing of troops.

【Bounty System】

For the health of the players (not too liver), we have added a small module to earn gold coins on-hook in this RTS game. Although the benefits are not large, players can easily earn some pocket money.

Land of Iron and Salt
Hossam Galal

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